As an SIA Licenced and qualified DS Security Operative (Including Advanced Physical Intervention & Handcuffing), I am available to cover a wide range 20150128_224611-e1424716702398-169x300of security duties including at Events, static guarding, mobile nightly checking and personal security work. The work can be either just in a security capacity or combined with medic cover. All cover can be on a temporary or permanent basis. I can also able offer a team of licensed security operatives should you require them.

Manned Guarding – Static guarding of premises or property to patrol the property/ premises making sure that the property is secure and free from trespass or criminal activity. To maintain a visual deterrent at all times.

Gatehouse Security – To monitor the movement of vehicles entering and leaving site, making written logs of all vehicles, entering on or leaving the sit20150308_074159-300x169e. Signing in visitors and letting the client know upon the arrival of any official visitors to site. Any other gatehouse or security duty that the client may request.

Mobile Security – Frequent mobile checks of clients property/site throughout the night and during all non working hours. A mobile driver will visit your property/ site throughout the night and any non working hours required by the cl20150308_064503-300x169ient and complete a full patrol and inspection of the premises reporting back to the client any findings, and will act as a visual deterrent at all times.