Event FAQ’s

A few questions that I regularly get asked. However if you have one different please do not hesitate to contact me.

What area’s do you cover?

I cover the whole of the United Kingdom normally. The main bases are in Aberdeenshire and Nottinghamshire but I can go anywhere.

Do you cover other countries?

For event work I can go to anywhere in Europe. I will also consider work anywhere in the world. Certain items however, such as Oxygen and Entonox, would have to be supplied at that end due to carriage restrictions.

Do we really need First Aid cover?

The organiser of the event has legal duty of care to those taking part and the public. So yes.

But we already have friends that are First Aiders, so why do we need cover?

The HSE states that just because a person has First Aid certification does not qualify them as a First Aider. They still need the proper equuipment, insurance and suchlike.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have public liability and Malpractice insurance. Also vehicles are insured for the business use including Blue Light usage.

Anything else to consider?

If it is a large event then I may have to liase with the main emergency services, or another medical provider if you are using one. They need to make provisions for such as a major incident. Where can ambulance’s park? Is there any logistic issues need considering?

Don’t First Aiders just issue plasters?

They are great for dealing with small cuts and crazes etc. However I carry much more specialised equipement and can use it when needed. For example ECG’s, Oxygen, SP02, Spineboards.

For driving are you specially trained?

Training is carried out both as an advanced driver qualifying through the Institute of Advanced Motorists or ROSPA and I have had accredited Blue Light rapid response driver training as well as driver response training from the Police.

How would we contact you if we need you?

I carry mobile telephones, an emergency pager and also have Walkie Talkies of which I can issue you with one should you need it.

Do you wear a Uniform?

Yes. This depends on the actual event. usually I wear Black Trousers with a Black Shirt together with an ambulance vest with Hi-Vis and clearly marked on it. For some work I wear special green suits clearly marked and with epaulettes. Should you wish I can also wear appropriate clothing at your event to blend in, such as black shirt and ties.

Do you charge for mileage?

Unfortunatly in this day and age we have to. This is carried out at .35p per mile to the event and back. It covers everything from Insurance to maintenance to driver training and petrol of that vehicle. (If local to us in Aberdeen or Nottingham I do not charge for this.)

Do you offer a reduction for charities?

Sometimes depending on certain factors. Normally you need to be a registered charity. The price would depend on if you are local or how far I have to travel.

We have been let down by our Medic / Company already organised?


Can you work at short notice?

Sometime’s I can depending on availability and distance. If not I may be able to organise it for you.  If the event is really close it is best to telephone us or to use the emergency pager 07623 744923

Do you do Patient Escorting?

I are able to accompany a patient whom is being transported, yes. I can do this within the UK or abroad if the need arises including flying out to meet with that patient and escort them back. Within the UK if a patient can travel in a normal vehicle I can collect them and take them where they need to go.

I have left my prescription at home. Can you provide me with medication?

No. Only a doctor and a pharmacy can do this.

I have medication for a condition. Can you look after these for me?

No. You should keep these on you at all times in case needed, though it is very useful for me to know that you have the condition.

What Hospital will I be taken to, and will you bring me back?

You will take you normally to the nearest major A&E hospital by the NHS Ambulance. I do not normally take or bring you back so you need to make sure that you have plans for somebody to pick you up.